Virtual Reality is Here

Leading companies like Facebook have invested billions into this industry.

More and more VR devices will be released to consumers in the upcoming months.
This new computing platform will transform the way we consume and interact with content,
exposing us to entirely new worlds of experiences and sensations.

VR headsets 2017

Our Use-Cases


Create new and exciting channels to engage your audience

Deliver your content in an interactive and personalized way

Design stunning, immsersive spaces for media consumption


Immerse users in concurrent feeds for richer experiences

Build captivating environments to deliver your sports content

Utilize live feeds, social channels and more, simultaneously

Virtual Tours

Invent new ways to explore indoor and outdoor locations

Augment content with rich, attention-grabbing information

Build and publish your VR experiences with only one click


Deliver innovative campaigns to capture larger audiences

Enhance your engagement statistics and conversion rates

Optimised for multiple VR devices and smartphones

Byond’s Offerings

Create your VR application in minutes with our highly professional VR Publishing Toolkit!


Intuitive and fast user-interface


Industry best practices used


Cost-effective and affordable


Cloud-based CMS & Editor


3D, 360, live stream content


Live engagement optimization


Compatible across all VR devices


Per-device optimisation available


One-click publish across devices


Live tracking & measurement


Detailed user-behaviour analysis


Behavioural analytics dashboard



mccann-partnership-ByondVR Blog

Byond team managed to deliver a complex solution on their robust platform, both efficiently and with room to accommodate last minute changes. Service was done with a professional attitude and a smile. Most importantly the VR campaign went live in time with zero issues and to huge success.

Maor Chen
Chief Executive Officer
McCann Digital


While working with Byond as part of “The Bridge” by Coca-Cola Innovation Program, I realized that in this fast-paced time with new technologies, a fast, yet reliable tool for VR creation is needed. I found both in Byond’s platform. The work of the technical and creative teams allow this company to release great VR products with advanced capabilities, all in a reasonable timeframe and budget.

Alan Boehme
Chief Technology Officer
The Coca-Cola Company


Byond has created a world-class VR media experience for our new digital press launch, and helped us deliver to our audience a new form of user experience like never before. The level of interactivity and visuals was definitely top-notch.

Hadar Peled Vaissman
Creative App Development Manager
HP Indigo Division


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Leadership Team

Noam Levavi

Noam Levavi

Co-Founder, CEO

Former Co-Founder and CEO at YCD. Digital experiences expert and digital media innovator.

Noam Levavi

Co-Founder, CEO

Eran Galil

Eran Galil

Co-Founder, CTO

Former CTO at 8200. Leader in big-data/analytics platforms and serial product innovator. Uptight in a cool manner.

Eran Galil

Co-Founder, CTO

Henry Sang

Henry Sang


World expert for immersive 3D entertainment. Former head of analytics and visualization at HP-labs. Great mind which thinks in 3D.

Henry Sang


Tomer Ben-Moshe

Tomer Ben-Moshe


Ex-Microsoft, Amdocs Executive. Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of Cooladata. The man with the plan.

Tomer Ben-Moshe


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