Byond at Mobile World Congress 2017! [8 Mar, 2017]

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We were at the 2017 Mobile world Congress! 

Byond at MWC2017

Along with Giraffic and Amdocs, we were at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona this year!

Click and drag the 360 image below to pan check out the full sence at MWC.

Our collaboration with Giraffic’s Adaptive Video Acceleration (AVA) brought about the first mobile VR video experience that delivers real-time, uninterrupted HD streaming in 4K.

VR streaming relies significantly on mobile platforms and wireless networks. To engage users with compelling and dynamic live content, VR video quality is more important than ever, but this requires a massive amount of network bandwidth.

Getting these huge blocks of data and transferring them to any VR device in a short time is a great accomplishment.

We are thrilled to see such an amazing outcome using Giraffic’s AVA solution – with this, Byond can support high-quality 360 degree video and VR streaming without any interruptions at all!

AVA is available to all mobile device manufacturers with device-side integration and to content providers, through a simple SDK integration in their streaming apps.

Another proud collaboration we showed off at MWC was the innovative VR training methods we created for Amdocs. 

Amdocs is the home of creative, customer-centric solutions that helps you meet your extraordinary goals and your needs.

In this special VR experience, including a dedicated 360 movie with interactive layers, sales trainees are taught to deal with situations such as dealing with angry customers through VR training experiences. They will experience scenarios in 360 and select the better option in these scenarios before exploring the consequences of their decision.

The sensation of “being there” is high due to the immersive nature of this experience. The viewer will view the video in either a 1st person perspective or as a bystander, allowing the viewer to feel like they are actually part of the scene, making decisions and advancing the “plot”. Watching a 360 movie with a dedicated headset (like Samsung’s Gear VR or Google DayDream) makes the experience even more real, with natural gestures like gaze or tap makes navigation and choice selection hassle free.

Overall, our experience was fantastic and an optimistic one! The ecosystem of VR is advancing at a staggering pace, and it was encouraging to hear the widespread discussion of VR at MWC.

We look forward to more of such conferences and events in the future!