Byond Educates – Creating Experiences for VR [30 Nov, 2016]

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Byond was invited to conduct a course on creating virtual reality (VR) formats (using VR and 360 content) at one of Israel’s top universities – IDC Herzliya, Sammy Ofer School of  Communications. The course attracted the attendance of both local and international students from the university.

Byond Educates - IDC Herzliya Class on Virtual Reality
Students trying out VR for the first time

Byond Educates - IDC Herzliya Class on Virtual Reality

Through these lessons, students are able to gain insight into the principles of VR, with special focus on TV and Video formats.

We have just completed four weeks of lessons and have already received encouraging responses from students. Most, if not all, students are new to VR and have never attempted to create media content in the all-surround 360 format. After picking up how to use the VR publisher, it was a pleasant surprise to us when students responded with amazement at how VR works and the possible methods they could create immersive experiences.

Topics introduced during the course include:

  • creating VR experiences,
  • shooting with a 360 camera,
  • using elements in VR,
  • how to engage audiences in VR, etc.


all of which will be done using Byond’s VR publishing platform.

Byond Educates - IDC Herzliya Class on Virtual Reality
Aviv, from Byond, introducing shooting in 360

Students can manage their 360 and VR content through the platform, before putting them all together to create an immersive experience.

At the end of the 13 week course, students would be familiar with VR and confidently create simple VR experiences that can engage and communicate with their audience.

VR is becoming increasingly accessible to consumers, and will become the next platform for mass media consumption. In fact, this trend has already begun.

Creating VR experiences is not easy – the process requires heavy technical knowledge in programming and design. With the Byond publisher, the entire process is simplified to create VR experiences within minutes. Byond’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface enables VR experiences to be built and published to engage audiences instantly.