Byond Educates – Creating VR Apps at IDC Herzliya [29 Dec, 2016]

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In November, we began conducting a course on creating for virtual reality and 360 at Israel’s top university – IDC Herzliya.

After 8 weeks of lessons, from shooting in 360 to thinking in three dimensions, the students are all more knowledgeable and engaged with the idea of virtual reality! In the subsequent weeks, they will be embarking on projects such as creating virtual tours, interactive games, and producing VR videos.

Byond Educates - Creating VR Applications in University
Students working on their VR experiences using our VR Publisher Toolkit

All these projects are going to be done through Byond’s very own web-based VR publisher toolkit – which requires no coding experience to use.

The toolkit allows students to upload content to a content management system (CMS) and add it using elements on the platform to create VR applications. Each time they publish their VR project, they can view the updated changes instantaneously on Byond’s StartVR app – a VR experiences launcher.

Screenshot of a VR game built using Byond VR Publisher Toolkit
Screenshot of an in-game VR experience

The students spent the recent session building their very first game – Find the Sufganiyah (Hanuka Doughnut), to celebrate Hanukah. 

This game makes players search for hidden sufganiyahs inside each room and the players must find each of them to advance to the next level.

VR is new and has numerous use-cases, so this course gives all the students a brief introduction to creating VR experiences for numerous modes of interactions in virtual reality. In the following weeks, the students will move on to more complex VR experiences with the final project being a VR production with a mixture of 360 videos and interactive elements.

Creating VR experiences is not easy – the process requires heavy technical knowledge in programming and design. With the Byond publisher, the entire process is simplified to create VR experiences within minutes. Byond’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface enables VR experiences to be built and published to engage audiences instantly. If you would like to try out our platform, why not drop us a message on our website?