Our Time at MWC Proved that the Growth of VR is Definitely Not a Hype! [2 Jul, 2017]

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We had the opportunity to set up a demo booth in the AR/VR experience zone at MWC, Shanghai this week!

Vive AR:VR Experience Zone
The AR/VR Experience Zone with Vive and other AR/VR Startups


The VR/AR Zone

The VR/AR zone occupied half of the exhibition hall with a myriad of VR/AR startups across the domains of education, gaming, real estate, cinema, and the list goes on. Thanks to HTC Vive we were able to obtain a spacious booth to demo our platform and introduce our VR solutions to curious visitors.

Byond Booth at MWC Shanghai
Dor, our designer, created one of the best designs for our booth

Our discussions with attendees across industries at MWC confirmed the relevance of VR industrial use cases such as virtual tours, marketing, and entertainment, etc. The interest in our platform and enthusiastic responses from visitors were extremely encouraging and insightful.


Generation V

Aside from industry professionals, the other bulk of visitors to our booth were children. While parents sat down at our booth to get their much-needed rest,  their energetic children put on the Vive headset and learned how to use the two controllers to navigate the VR experiences almost instantly.

Children at the Byond Booth Children at the Byond Booth at MWC

They are indeed of Generation V – the VR generation, a term coined by Alvin Wang, China President of Vive at HTC during the ViveX Demo Day. It is indeed heartening to see children getting familiar with VR, which will definitely become omnipresent in their lives and workplace in the near future.


Content Creation for VR

One of the bottlenecks in the growth of the VR industry is the creation of compelling content.

With our VR editor and publisher, anyone can create VR experiences in the timeframe of minutes using existing multimedia content. The content not restricted to any industry and can range from entertainment and sports to more industrial applications such as virtual tours and training.

Another exciting development in VR content is the VIVEPAPERTM, which enriches users’ virtual reading experience by allowing tactile interactions with the virtual pages of a book. Here’s a short video on how it works. Cool huh?


Overall, our experience at the MWC was absolutely amazing! A big thank you to everyone at the Vive team and all the visitors who frequented our booth 🙂

If you’d like to know how to use the Byond platform to create VR content, feel free to contact us today and maybe you’ll get a sneak peak of the VR game that Eran, our CTO, invented recently using elements from our VR publisher 😉